About me

My name is Sandra Brauer and I work as a freelance museums educator in and around Wuppertal, Germany. Only last year, I have relocated back to Germany after having worked for  five years in outreach and community engagement for a local authority in the North East of England and for an HLF-funded project run by English Heritage.

A way of overcoming my ‚culture shock‘ and finding my way into the much changed – and still changing – arts sector in Germany is this blog. Comparing the developments in both countries and sharing my thoughts on pros and cons is my very selfish way of learning ‚the lingo‘ in Germany and keeping in touch with the latest developments of the museums and heritage sector in the UK which has provided me with so many meaningful learning experiences, fun and great people. And if, along the way, you, dear reader, enjoy reading and joining in this discussion  about how community engagement can make museums a place for everybody, I could not be more pleased.


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