Welcome to kulturmasche.com

Hello. And welcome to my blog!

You have found the English version. To stick with this language when you browse the blog, hover with the mouse over the menu and you will see the English versions appear. Enjoy!

By now, you can find more posts in this blog than a few weeks back. Let me summarise once more what Kulturmasche is all about:

It’s about community engagement in the arts – especially in museums and galleries – in the UK and in Germany. What they have in common. How they differ. What actual debates are about.

The choice of topics is of course entirely subjective and patchy at best. All content is just my humble opinion and those of guest bloggers when I manage to convince somebody to write for me. And in two languages for reasons of accessibility.

It’s about the sort of inspiring arts projects engaging people from all walks of life with the culture of the place they live in that are out there.

In the UK and in Germany. And which I think you should hear about.

And it’s about sharing ideas and thoughts in the sector and beyond. So please feel free to leave any of your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for other projects you think it is worth hearing (and shouting out) about.

I am looking forward to your comments.

Speak soon!

Ps. And why did you say is the blog called „Kulturmasche“? Find out here


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